Treating Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder pain can be caused by trauma or injury, osteoarthritis or by wear on the shoulder joint that occurs over time. Exercise physiologists at Momentum Exercise physiology use evidence-based practice and exercise prescription to treat shoulder pain, allowing you the freedom to return to your normal activities quickly and without pain. Muscle tears, inflammation and strains of ligaments, joint and tendons; and joint cartilage and surface problems are common but debilitating afflictions which really slow us down.

Exercise physiology treatment stimulates a quicker recovery by reducing pain and swelling and stiffness, allowing for a faster and safer return to full joint strength and range of motion allowing full function to aid in a return to work, sports and other activities. Often shoulder problems are complex, and result from long term muscle imbalances which we were either unaware of or were asymptomatic for many years.

Following a thorough biomechanical assessment of the shoulder and effective exercise prescription, Exercise physiology can successfully rehabilitate your shoulder issues through mobilisation, stretching and strengthen exercises to stabilise your problematic shoulder. Every client at Momentum Exercise Physiology will receive an individualized rehab program specific to your individual problem/s.

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