Treating Hip Injuries

The hip joint is a complex ball-and-socket joint that supports the weight of the body and is responsible for movement of the upper leg. Hip injuries are extremely common in people of all ages. Children, teens and young adults who participate in sports run a great risk of hip injuries. Senior citizens are also prone to hip injuries due to falls as bone density decreases with age as does joint elasticity a simple fall can result in a fracture. People who carry too much weight are susceptible to hip injuries, too, due to the excessive pressure on the hip. Common hip injuries include:

  • Labral tears, Impingements, Bursitis, muscle tears, Arthritis and Fractures.

Exercise physiology treatment promotes a quicker recovery by reducing pain and swelling and stiffness, allowing for a faster and safer return to work, sports and other activities. Whether a result of injury, wear and tear or arthritic conditions, hip pain is a very common issue. Whilst degenerative changes associated with arthritis are not reversable – exercise physiology is very effective for settling hip pain, and for strengthening the muscles around the joint to increase joint stability and get you back to pre-injury function.

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