Enhance Primary Care Plans

Chronic Disease Management (CDM). Formally known as the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program, allow patients access to Medicare rebates for exercise physiology and other allied health services. CDM (Chronic Disease Management) is a referral/care plan between your GP and Allied Health Practitioners for management of chronic conditions. It is for your GP to determine your eligibility for this care plan and allocation of services. Once you have met the criteria – mainly based on a chronic condition that you have had for 3 months or more and visited your GP with regards to this condition.

Your GP will provide you with the necessary referral forms for the CDM program. This program entitles eligible patients up to 5 treatments per year with a rebate covered by Medicare entitlement per treatment.

Momentum Exercise Physiology will guide and support you by providing you with correct exercise prescription, motivation and education with the aim of strengthening your mental and physical health. We will help you make long-term lifestyle changes so you can live more positively and healthier life.

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