Treatments for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Australia define pain as an unpleasant experience in the body. They divide pain into two, Acute and chronic. Acute pain is a message in the body warning about danger, whereas chronic pain can have much more complex origins and functions. The nervous system is used to transmit signals around the body to indicate pain.

Acute pain is the pain we may experience from day to day. We hurt ourselves (cut, pull, strain), experience pain, then heal and the pain goes away. That’s “normal”. Chronic pain is not in this category.

Chronic or persistent pain is pain that lasts for more than three months, or in many cases, beyond normal healing time. It doesn’t obey the same rules as acute pain. It can be seen as somewhat of a mystery. It can be caused by ongoing disease states like arthritis in all its forms, cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis or any of a myriad of conditions. It can be a consequence of trauma (e.g. surgery, car or work accident, a fall).

Many people live with chronic pain 24/7. It is debilitating, exhausting and has an impact on all parts of a person’s life. Living like this takes courage and strength. The role of seeing an exercise physiologist at Momentum Exercise Physiology is to provide you with the tools to learn new techniques for “managing” your pain. Momentum Exercise Physiology will guide and support you by providing you with correct exercise prescription, motivation and education with the aim of strengthening your mental and physical health. We will help you make long-term lifestyle changes so you can live more positively and healthier life.

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